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CJS Defence is run voluntarily as a community group  with the intention of helping each student maximise their potential. All proceeds collected go into the running of the club with no payment being taken for instruction of the class or any other club related matters. Following COVID-19 lockdowns, we have been awarded a grant from the NET fund and made by sport which are managed by Lincolnshire Community Foundation. This has helped us return from being closed during the pandemic without the negative financial impact. 

Shotokan Karate-Do is the main style of discipline with a core focus on kata. This is regularly practiced during our weekly class. However, the club heavily focuses on street defence and awareness promoting personal safety and self-confidence in real life situations as well as in the dojo. Shotokan Karate-Do, generates a continuing development of the self, building the mind and the body which begin to truly work i motion with each other when you dedicate yourself to the practice of the art. Following the Do approach, it must always be done in conjunction with a positive attitude and a peaceful approach. Never should martial arts be used in situations for the personal benefit of an individual beyond that of protection and training, it is only used as a last resort. Although Karate-Do does prepare the mind and the body for that last resort, to bring the real world into context the syllabus has incorporated Karate Justu into it’s teachings. This is the street defence element where we practice in our day-to-day clothing and look at the practical application of kata. For this purpose the club has written its own syllabus to systematically include both elements of Karate. 

Our chief instructor has experience working with individuals who require an adapted syllabus for physical disability and also has experience teaching people with mental health difficulties. If you have any additional requirements or simply lack confidence then please make contact and individual needs will be discussed.

Please feel free to enquire via email: cjskd@outlook.com

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