Fees & Uniform

Club Fees

Where does the money go?

The club is run voluntarily with all accumulated proceeds being spent on expenses and equipment. No wage or expense is paid for tuition.


Individual lessons cost £5 for 2 hours

These are on a pay-as-you-go basis


Each person needs to be covered by member to member liability insurance to participate in martial arts.

To ensure you enjoy the class and want to continue coming, we offer a two week trial period where all you have to pay is the class fee.

After this a charge of £25per annum is required which includes CJSKD membership, Association student membership and insurance, fully recognised grades, a licence book and a Gi patch.


When you grade for your next belt you will have to pay a fee. Grading prices vary based on the length of time the grading can take, not based on the rank of the grading itself.

  • Our gradings are charged at £25 for all Kyu grades.
  • Our gradings are charged at £35 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan gradings.
  • Our gradings are charged at £45 for 4th Dan and above.

The grading fee helps cover the cost of the room and also includes your certificate and will be recorded in your grading book.

Gradings are structured but people progress at different speeds. There is a minimum amount of time between gradings but no maximum.


For the general class we wear a Karate Gi. You will need a Karate Gi to be able to take your first grading but this will not be expected to be worn until after you have purchased your student insurance. Below you can see a group picture of some of our members each wearing their Karate Gi.

For comfort and safety each new member is required to wear jogging bottoms and a plain t shirt. This is also the uniform we wear on our dedicated Street Defence nights as seen below.

Some students like to have the club logo as a patch or embroidered on to their gi, as you can see in the pictures below. If this is something you would like then please speak to the instructor about the most up to date suppliers you can order these from.


We are not a supplier of martial arts equipment but we are happy to recommend companies that do and can guide you through the ordering process.

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