Meet Our Instructors

Meet our Chief Instructor

Craig J. Sanderson (4th Dan)

24 years of Martial Arts experience

Additional role: Senior Committee Member for the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association

“I have studied martial arts for the majority of my life and it has undoubtedly contributed to the confident, autonomous individual that I am today. I have studied Shotokan Karate-Do since I was five years old which not only trained me to defend myself but helped shape me as an individual by developing my mind and body in tandem. I have also studied Karate-Jutsu, examining Karate in the combative environment of the real world which was complimented by two years of English Combat training. This shaped my skills and knowledge to understand my training at a level that is effective in situations that do not simulate a dojo environment.

The greatest gift to me as a martial artist is to teach others and to see them develop as individuals along their martial arts journey. Equipping students with fundamental life skills allows them to achieve their greatest ambitions and trains their body and mind in unison to face worldly challenges. It is my objective to provide as much support and training for all of my students to help them develop a peaceful demeanour and excel in physical and mental fitness. I aim to use martial arts as a tool to help each student develop their best possible future self.”

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Meet our Senpai 

Vic Woolley (1st Dan)

Most Advanced Student

Vic has been practicing Karate for many years. He is a great help in the class and is more than willing to share his experience with all who attend.





Meet our Trainee Assistant Instructor

Angus Bean (2nd Kyu)

Angus is enrolled on our Assistant Instructor Programme. He has been practicing Karate since 2016 and also holds a 1st Dan in Judo. Angus helps teach the class under direct supervision of Craig.


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